Tillie Talk: ‘Are You Listening’, Trauma, and Queer-Time

The title of Tillie Walden’s sixth graphic novel is a question: Are You Listening? For eighteen-year-old runaway Bea and her twenty-seven-year-old neighbour, Lou, answering that question is a complicated matter. The two women are in states of transition. Both literally, Bea and Lou are road tripping across Texas to Houston, and figuratively, they are in… Continue reading Tillie Talk: ‘Are You Listening’, Trauma, and Queer-Time

culture corner: July picks

Hello, greeting, salutations. It certainly has been a month! Having more time to write for this blog over the past few weeks has been a real treat. However, starting next week university will be resuming. This coming semester is looking outrageously busy (how am I mean to get a boyfriend with all this coursework???), and… Continue reading culture corner: July picks