Manic /ˈmanɪk/ adjective

“Affected with, relating to, characterized by, or resulting from mania”

Merriam Webster Dictionary

“The tendency to become easily obsessed with anything and everything you come in contact with (books, movies, music, boys, etc.) This is a good thing, as it makes you far more interesting and and fun to be around.”

Urban Dictionary

Manic was created by Lily Dalby and Josh Sorensen. We made it on purpose. The goal of this blog, our mission statement if you will (we understand if you won’t), is to create a place for almost intelligent people to talk about almost relevant culture.

This is a blog where the Barbie movies are viewed as Films with a capital F and Total Drama Island is a seminal queer text. This is a blog where Boris and Theo are happily married and spend their weekends throwing fabulous dinner parties with Dolly Parton and Susan Sontag, who are also married and co-presidents of the United Nations. This is the home of colour-blind synesthesia, fully-blind aesthetic criticism, and Schrödinger’s author. This is the fan club of Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat and his two gay Dads.

We write about culture because we care.

We care about culture because no one stopped us.

What People Say

I’m caught in the wry wit of Manic.

– J. D. Salinger

Manic is almost as good as Lady Bird.

– Greta Gerwig

I can’t wait to tell my good friends Brutus and Cassius about Manic.

– Julias Caesar